This online portal was created with support from Getty Foundation as part of the “Keeping It Modern” initiative for the conservation of twentieth century architecture worldwide.

The aim of the platform is to document and map modern architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, pointing out its values as important layer in the wider cultural heritage discourse, as well as the importance of its adequate conservation. We hope that this portal will be useful to all researchers interested in the 20th century heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that the above content will facilitate their further research.

Our aim is to inspire others to join us or to continue to research by themselves.

The portal is created within the wider project “Conservation plan/study for the History Museum of BiH” as well as promotion of valuable modernist architecture as part of the B&H cultural heritage.


Through this project, Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders cooperated with a number of professionals in the field of research and protection of cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Production: CHwB BiH (Cultural Heritage without Borders) 

Editorial Board: Ivana Roso, Farah Račić, Adisa Džino Šuta i Anida Krečo

Research Team: Ivana Roso, Farah Račić, Adisa Džino Šuta, Enida Šetka, Boris Trapara, Igor Kuvač, Zina Ruždić, Maida Halilović, Merima Tica, Delila Veispahić

Architectural photography: Anida Krečo

Web design: Mateo Peroš


All collected data published on this portal contains informations of their authors. Use of the content (texts, photos) is allowed in any format for non-commercial research or private study, giving the title of the source document, author of the text or photograph. For any other usage, please contact the authors for permission. If you are aware of any additional information about the buildings that are presented on this portal (or if you feel that some information is not accurate) that could contribute to the better understanding of its architectural values, we would be pleased to hear from you. Our aim is to have a portal with data accurate as it can possibly be.